MicroRad 2012 at Tor Vergata

MicroRad back to Roma

The 12th Specialist Meeting on Microwave Radiometry and Remote Sensing of the Environment will be held in March 2012 in Frascati's Tor Vergata University Villa Mondragone, on the SE outskirts of Rome.

This meeting comes back to Rome 29 years after its first pioneering edition was organized in March 1983 by the late Prof. Giovanni d'Auria and by Domenico Solimini at La Sapienza University in Rome. The 1983 conference consisted of four sessions, on

A total of 23 papers were contributed by the microwave radiometry community which, at that time, was becoming increasingly aware of its consistence and of its experience and was feeling the keenness to meet together to exchange ideas and to plan for the future.

In the elapsed three decades microwave radiometry has progressed substantially, the scientific community has increased in number and authority, dedicated satellite missions have been launched and are contributing crucial data for the benefit of our environment.

The 2012 MicroRad, which will be chaired by Paolo Ferrazzoli and Leila Guerriero and will be hosted by Tor Vergata University in historical Villa Mondragone, looks a further step forward in microwave Earth Observation science and applications.



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